Blood cancer is a devastating illness that impacts the production and function of one’s blood cells. This form of cancer has altered the lives of countless individuals and families, with around 1.24 million Americans currently suffering from it.

In the United States, 157 people die every hour from one of the hundreds of blood cancers, such as Leukemia, Lymphoma, or Myeloma. Raising awareness of the devastation blood cancer causes and ways to prevent is essential to help lower this number.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of raising awareness about blood cancer.

Early Detection

One of the most important benefits of raising awareness about blood cancer is that it can lead to early detection. 

Initial blood cancer symptoms can present themselves as common symptoms you would have with a bad cold or the flu. Coughing, persistent fevers, and tiredness are often mistaken for something less severe than blood cancer.

Educating the public about blood cancer symptoms, their impact on the immune system, as well as the body’s ability to fight infections can lead to more people getting tested when they experience persistent flu-like symptoms. This can ultimately lead to individuals being treated early on, which significantly increases their chances of survival and becoming cancer-free.

Funding for Research

Raising awareness about blood cancer’s effect on patients and families can lead to the generation of funding for research on how to treat the disease. 

This can spark the creation of community or business-led fundraising events that simultaneously educate the public about blood cancer while raising money to support research. Through donations, greater research on forms of treatment and a cure can be conducted. This research can ultimately improve the lives of those diagnosed in the future, as well as the care they receive.

Blood Donations

Many individuals suffering from blood cancer often need blood transfusions during their treatment. Through increased education and awareness, the public can learn about the present need for blood donations, as well as platelet donations.

This can generate an influx of support from the community, whether it be through individual donations or the organization of blood drives.

Support For Patients And Families

Individuals and families of those with blood cancer are experiencing a difficult time in their lives that requires support and care from others. 

Raising awareness of blood cancer can stimulate greater community support networks for those impacted by the disease. It can also minimize any stigma attached to the illness that could be causing a psychological toll on patients and families.

Here at Mason Park Medical Clinic, our providers understand the harsh toll blood cancer takes on patients and families. Our team is here to help educate on blood cancer’s effect and provide screenings to anyone who may suspect they’re having symptoms.

If you have questions regarding blood cancer or would like to come in for a screening, we encourage you to give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our providers.