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Mason Park Medical is a patient-first primary care clinic. Led by Dr. Quyen Trinh, DO, our holistic approach to medical care focuses on treatment and prevention. Our mission is to improve your health now and ensure it lasts for the long-term so you can have the quality of life you deserve.


Osteopathic clinics do more than provide treatment. We’re committed to improving your lifestyle through a whole-health approach. DOs, like Dr. Trinh, focus on treating and preventing medical conditions, not just dealing with the symptoms of your illness.

Quyen Trinh, DO


Our Patients Share Their Success Stories

Mason Park Medical Clinic is proud to showcase some of our patients’ success stories. 


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Dr. Trinh makes me feel comfortable and takes his time to explain my treatment plan. I was in a lot of pain. He quickly diagnosed my condition and provided a plan to fix it. He is very caring, is an active listener, and has a great bedside manner. God bless him, and I hope he can continue to take good care of his patients. I know his sister would be proud.

Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez
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I've been having high blood pressure for a while now...and none of the physicians can help me....I've taken a lot of blood pressure medication, but my BP is still very high...I found the Mason Park Clinic...I met with Dr. Trinh...he put me on medication...now my blood pressure is very, very low..I just want to say thank you for keeping my blood pressure low!

Jude Onwuka

The entire staff at Mason Park Medical Clinic is polite, professional and caring. Jenny Phan, Physician Assistant and Saba Zabarah, Nurse Practitioner are both very pleasant and informative with great bedside manners. Saba is extremely caring and provided great comfort during a recent health concern. This is a patient focused clinic!

Ava Fletcher
Ava Fletcher - Testimonials
Patty Radloff

I have been coming to this clinic for over 20 years. Dr. Quyen Trinh is very knowledgeable, confident and sure of himself. I have confidence in his ability to treat me and I trust him as my Primary Care Provider that is why I will only see Dr. Trinh! The staff here is very accommodating and always makes me feel at home.

Patty Radloff

My family and I have been patients of this clinic for over 20 years. My mother had unique medical conditions as I do, therefore I only trust Mason Park Medical Clinic to take care of me. It is hard to find a family physician like Dr. Quyen Trinh that you can trust and who listens well. I choose to see Dr. Trinh even if I have to self-pay because I respect his medical knowledge. He is able to treat a multitude of conditions where other practices refer everything out. This clinic is truly a one-stop-shop!

Amy Flanagan-Parker
Amy Flanagan-Parker-optimized
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I’ve been with Dr. Trinh for almost 30 years…And now her brother is taking care of me. Dr. Trinh is a really good doctor too…I enjoy coming here, I really do…All the girls are really friendly, they’re really nice. Y'all need to check it out. This is a really nice clinic.

Janet Gibson

Dr. Trinh is very knowledgeable, thorough, and patient. He has a good bedside manner, is honest and caring. I have been seeing Dr. Trinh about specific health concerns. He took time to educate me, answer all of my questions, and explain my diagnosis. He put me on a plan that I was able to stick to, and as a result, I have seen significant improvement in just three months!

Shannon Godin-Greene
Shannon Godin-Greene
Roger Caris

My family and I have been a patient of this clinic for over 25 years and in recent years my health has been declining. After seeing Dr. Quyen Trinh I was finally able to get my blood pressure under control and I have also lost 25 lbs! I am living a healthier lifestyle and I feel much better. Thank you Dr. Trinh for making it a priority to put your patients first!

Roger Caris

Dr. Trinh takes his time to listen to my concerns. I was not feeling well and having a hard time breathing. He ordered an EKG and sent me to see a cardiologist right away who placed a stent in my heart. He literally saved my life! This is why both my husband and I will only see Dr. Trinh, we both trust him with our health. I am so glad that Dr. Trinh has taken over the clinic from his late sister Dr. Trang Trinh!

Deborah Ellis
Success Stories - Minnie Jackson

Dr. Trinh is a wonderful doctor! He’s very thorough. He takes time to explain things to me to where I don’t have any questions. His treatment plans are based on me and my needs…and they are very effective! He is such a good doctor I have recommended him to my family, friends, and people from my church. It’s amazing to see how many of them he has helped. I tell everyone, if you need a good doctor, go see my doctor…he will help you!

Minnie Jackson

I have been a patient of this clinic since the early 1990s and started seeing Dr. Quyen Trinh after he took over the practice from his late sister, Dr. Trang Trinh. I love Dr. Trinh, he changed my medication regimen and is the only doctor that has helped me to get my blood pressure consistently low and well-controlled. He is both personable and caring and that is why my entire family sees him! We love the entire staff and I would highly recommend this clinic!

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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I’ve had medical problems for the last 20 years. Broke my neck twice and for the first time after coming to the doctor here, I’ve felt 100% better. Blood pressure was checked and regulated. Very thorough, very good doctor.

Robert Lee

I’ve been a happy patient of Mason Park Medical Clinic for many years. I started as a patient of the former Dr. Trang Trinh. Now, I’m seeing her brother Dr. Quyen Trinh. I think Dr. Trinh is a great doctor. He is knowledgeable, professional and gives me the best advice. When I have medical problems, I know he will always give me the right medication to take care of my problems. I am happy to listen to his advice because I trust and value his opinion. I have health insurance that allows me to choose the doctor I want to see. My choice will always be Dr. Trinh. I think he is the best!

Hanin Abraham
Hanin Abraham
Edith Harden

Dr. Trinh is wonderful. He’s caring, compassionate, and really listens to what I have to say. Unlike other doctors I’ve seen in the past, Dr. Trinh takes the time to get to know me, my medical, and family history. I like that he asks lots of questions to get to the root cause of what’s going on with me before he recommends a treatment plan. Dr. Trinh makes me feel comfortable, and I appreciate having an open and accountable doctor-patient relationship with him. I trust Dr. Trinh to take care of my health.

Edith Harden

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