Oral supplement weight loss

Oral supplement weight loss - HiPhenolic, L Carnitine

If you’re looking for a form of weight loss treatment that doesn’t involve injections, then you may want to consider oral supplements such as HiPhenolic or L Carnitine.


Continue reading to learn more about these safe and effective forms of weight loss treatment.

What are HiPhenolic and L Carnitine?


HiPhenolic is an oral supplement that consists of polyphenols such as lemon verbena, hibiscus flower, green coffee bean extract, and magnesium. The compounds within HiPhenolic are known to increase metabolism, maintain blood pressure, manage weight, and reduce hunger cravings. 


L Carnitine

Similar to HiPhenolic, L Carnitine is an oral dietary supplement designed to boost the metabolism and manage weight loss. This supplement is derived from amino acids and works by transporting fatty acids into a cell’s mitochondria. This results in the fat being burned to produce energy as well as stimulate weight loss. Not only does L Carnitine stimulate the metabolism and promote weight loss, but it’s also an excellent way to improve your overall heart health.

How Do I Know If I’m a Good Candidate For HiPhenolic or L Canitine?

If you’re looking for a natural supplement to help stimulate weight loss and heart health, then HiPhenolic or L Carnitine might be right for you. Before starting either supplement, you should consult with your doctor so they can recommend which supplement will work best to meet your health journey goals.

How Often Should I Take HiPhenolic or L Carnitine?

It is recommended that you take two HiPhenolic capsules per day to achieve results. Alternatively, one L Carnitine capsule should be taken three times per day.

Before taking either supplement, you should discuss with your doctor to see if a different dosage would be more appropriate.


Here at Mason Park Medical Clinic, we want to join you on your journey to becoming healthier. If you’re looking for a natural weight loss supplement that can be taken orally, then HiPhenolic or L Carnitine may be right for you.

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